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Nordic S3


Flexit Nordic S3 air handling units have been developed to be energy efficient in Nordic climate. Easy connection option for kitchen hood via bypass. The ventilation unit has highly efficient rotary heat exchangers, with temperature efficiency up to 85%. All Nordic units are controlled as standard via the Flexit GO app and can be supplemented with various accessories, wireless or wired, eg. control panel, humidity sensor, pressure sensor for kitchen fan, CO2 sensor etc. The control system is prepared for local demand control. Cooling recovery is a standard feature in the Nordic series. With Flexit GO you can also activate the function free / night cooling. In case of high exhaust air humidity, the defrost function in Flexit GO can be activated, to ensure operation in cold climates.
  • Energy efficient in Nordic climate
  • Modern design
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • Operational and service friendly
  • Control through app and cloud services
  • Very low sound levels to duct and surrounding

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