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Control panel NordicPanel

Art. nr: 119772
GTIN: 7023671197728


NordicPanel is a control panel with a touch screen that is connected to the product with a 4-conductor cable. NordicPanel has the following functions: Adjustment, temperature adjustment, speed selection, timed forcing, home/away selection, alarm code display, alarm reset. NordicPanel is suitable for: EcoNordic and Nordic units manufactured after 1/10-2022. To easily see if the unit is compatible, there should be a cable on top of the unit labeled "NordicPanel". In some cases, you may need to update the software on the unit for the panel to work, this can be done via the FlexitGO app. It is also possible to install NordicPanel on older Nordic (not EcoNordic) units manufactured between May 2019 and September 2022, then there is a cable kit to buy, contact the nearest dealer for more info.
  • Selectable functionality on the home screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Language neutral
  • Fits in standard wall mounted device box
  • Thechnical data
  • Video
  • Documentation
  • Accessories
Material and color
Colour details Black/White
Dimensions and weight
Width (mm) 85 mm
Height (mm) 85 mm
Depth (mm) 10 mm